Backup Citrus Accounting Data

Citrus Accounting Guide


Last Update vor 2 Jahren

Backup Your Citrus Accounting Data

  1. Run Citrus Accounting Application on your Server computer
  2. On the Login window, check that the Host = localhost and Port = 3306
  3. Enter the Username = admin and Password = Your Admin Password
  4. Click on Tools menu >> Backup Data menu
  5. Backup window appears

Setup Location to Save Backup File

  1. On the Backup Data window, click Setup Location button
  2. The Backup Location Settings window appears
  3. On the Select Drive list, click the Drive letter to select it
  4. Click Save button to save your new drive setting
  5. On the dialog saying, Change Backup location to drive (C:\). Continue?, click Yes button
  6. On the confirmation dialog saying, Backup Location successfully updated, click OK button
  7. You will see that the Backup Location Path field has the current path set

Run the Backup Task

  1. On the Backup Data window, click Backup button to start the backup task
  2. On the dialog, Do you want to continue Data Backup?, click Yes button
  3. The Backup process starts and Status is Backup in progress, please wait...
  4. The Status is set to Backup done when backup task completed successfully.
  5. Click Close button to exit window.
  6. The output backup zip file is saved in folder:  Drive:\BACKUP_CITRUS with the file name like,

Backup Option

  • You can click to check the No Pictures option before running backup task
  • If this option is checked, pictures or images will not be included in the backup output file which will result in a much smaller backup zip file size.