Restore Citrus Accounting Data

Citrus Accounting Guide


Last Update hace 2 años

Restore Citrus Accounting Data

  1. Run Citrus Accounting Application on your Server computer
  2. On the Login window, check that Host = localhost and Port = 3306
  3. Enter Username = admin and Password = Current Admin Password
  4. Click on Tools menu >> Restore Data menu
  5. The Restore Data window appears

Check the Backup Location Path

  1. On the Restore Data window, click Setup Location button to check that your Backup Location Path is already set with the correct folder path where your Backup zip files are saved.
  2. Click the Browse button, to select the Backup Zip File that you want to restore in the Database.
  3. You will see that the Backup Data File field is set with your selected zip filename

Run the Restore Task

  1. On the Restore Data window, click Restore button
  2. On the dialog, Do you want to continue Data Restoration?, click Yes button
  3. When restore is completed, on the dialog, Restoration was successful, click OK button
  4. On the dialog, Program will terminate, click OK button
  5. The Application exits