Change Password of New User Login

Citrus Accounting Guide


Last Update há 2 anos

Login using Your Newly Created User Login

  1. Run Citrus Accounting Application
  2. On the Login window, enter your User name and Password = 1234
  3. You will be prompted with the Change Password window

Set Your New Password

  1. On the Current Password field, enter 1234 then press Enter key
  2. On the dialog, Please enter a new password, press Enter key or click OK button
  3. On the New Password field, enter your new password (follow the requirements: minimun of 8 characters, uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbers, and special characters like @!#$%^&*_.?, for example, [email protected]) then press Enter key
  4. On the dialog, Please confirm your new password, press Enter key
  5. On the Confirm Password field, enter the same password you just entered on the New Password field then press Enter key
  6. If the New Password is confirmed, the Change Password window exits
  7. You can now use your new password on your next login